Zak got married – zakanako

Well, yesterday was my friend’s wedding and what a great day in The Tokyo Restaurant in Azabu Juban. I had the honour of being best man, which mean’t that during the ceremony I had the tough job of holding some gloves for a few minutes…and making sure Zak didn’t fall over :-)

After the small ceremony, over 100 people turned up for a great reception, for great food, a boring speech by myself, and very touching ones from the father of the bride and Zak himself, delivered in Japanese and English. Truly a great day.

Well, I also found out what was wrong with my throat, after it flared up again – tonsilitus, in one tonsil – so I’ve been on anti-biotics for the last 4 days….first time in about 20 years I think!

Well, another beautiful Sunday, so time to get out of the apartment!