We’ve been doing a bit of retro-gaming of late, so I thought I’d get a cheap USB gamepad for some games. I got the sexily named Elecom JC-U1608TBK for a princely 1,280 JPY, which proudly mentions no Mac support, so I plugged it in and after a little fiddling, it works fine with my emulators. I note it has Windows Me support, but no stated Mac support. I guess I underestimate Me market share. Let’s not confuse that with MobileMe.

It’s a no frills, no analogue stick, 8-bit (and below) gamepad, so if you’re looking for one, it does work on the Mac.

As I often do, if you are having problems running some HID USB devices on a Mac even now, I recommend downloading USBOverdrive which is wonderful, especially if you bought a Logitech mouse and found that even if it has Mac drivers, you can’t address most buttons – this will let you do that.

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