New Header Photo: Ice

I just swapped theme on this blog from ‘Enterprise’ to ‘Twenty Ten’ which has a banner photo area, so I thought I should at least put one of my own photos up there. After thinking about it for at least thirty seconds as I scrolled through iPhoto, I plumped for a small section of the photo below, which is of a glass of iced water I was served in Tokyo Disneyland. Don’t ask me why – I like photos of iced water. For those who are into these things, it was taken with a cheap Canon IXY 30S.

A Nice Glass of Ice

Cutover to / Google

After humming and harring over what to do with my websites I’ve decided to move them over here to

Basically my issues were these: I don’t have time to write a lot nowadays, and $20USD a month for hosting service – albeit a good one – just seemed a bit of a waste, and Pair, who I’ve always had good service from, didn’t really have a cheaper plan with MySQL backends. Also, because of this lack of time, tracking and implementing updates to two CMSs required more time than my meagre geek allotment allowed, and time I should be writing.

So I needed to find a solution which allowed me free/cheaper backend hosting, and if possible, I could move my e-mail over to. In the end, I decided to mothball finally, but leave the content up, and just work on; this wasn’t related to my immediate question, but it seems like a good time to address these things. The email question I’d been thinking about for a while, and was decided upon when I found that supports Google Apps/MX records out of the box, so what I’ve done is move the sites to, re-pointed the domains via PairNIC, which I’ll continue to use, and have set up Google Apps accounts for each domain to handle the e-mail side of things, meaning that I can keep my e-mail addresses the same, but use the Google backend, and web access if need be.

For it was a bit of a no-brainer – it’s a wordpress blog, so it was simply a case of exporting from one database as .xml from within the WordPress app, and then importing into, and re-uploading and re-linking a few photos. That all went fine, and my only real issue is that the author is now set as ‘brightblack’, which I suppose is fine too as it’s a solo written blog.

For it was more of an issue, and required a few minor decisions. After I’d decided to move it as well, and abandon Drupal it was just a question of format, and in the end I opten to copy and paste pages back in as posts, with just a few specific items like the Colophon and About as WordPress Pages. I liked Drupal, but it was massive overkill for what I needed and used it for.

Total cost: 19.94USD per annum to point the domains. That’s pretty much what I was paying per month at On top of that I get 3GB per site for storage on WordPress, and 7GB and rising for mail storage on Google Apps. (against 1.5GB for everything including email and sites)

On the whole then, it wasn’t too fiddly, and I learned a few things, and should hopefully be the last time I need to play with it for a while.