Zenwalk 3.0 and new HDD

Reading time: < 1 minute

As some people may know, my Linux distro of choice is Zenwalk. Version 3.0 came out a couple of weeks back, but I held off upgrading as I knew I needed to add a bit more storage space to my Linux home server.

I’ve now added a 320GB Seagate SATA drive to the box, meaning it has 480GB of storage, and a system drive of 120GB. As hard drive prices continue to fall, it doesn’t seem to be the hard choice it used to be: 11,180yen for the above SATA2 drive with 16MB of cache, and I’m sure when I read this back in twelve months I’ll laugh at how much I paid.

To make life easier, I moved data from my ‘old’ backup partition to the new disk (a single big partition), then used Gparted to delete that old backup partition and expand the other partition on that disk. All very painless. Since I haven’t opened this box up in almost a year, I also cleaned and reseated all the cards/memory, and ran memtest to check all was well.
Zenwalk 3 continues the distros evolution, and continues to be small, fast and reliable. I’ve been using it since version 2.4 in April, and so far haven’t really had too many problems with it – in fact, I’ve got more things working on this than any other distro I’ve tried.