Future lifestyle – drunken shopping?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’d often thought that if I stayed in Japan for years and years, until retirement or something, I’d while away the days sitting in Yoshinoya, chewing on gyudon/butadon and criticising how badly young people use their chopsticks. However, I realised there’s something else I could try – drunk shopping.

Now I know that’s not very original, indeed I’ve tried a version of it myself, resulting in a Jon Bon Jovi “Destination Anywhere” CD from a shop in Isehara. But that was being drunk whilst shopping. I wasn’t actually drinking at the time.

When I was in the local supermarket (sober) on Sunday, I noticed a man in his late forties and his wife seemed to be careering around the produce section, barring many other shoppers from the potatoes and carrots, and it wasn’t until he turned around I realised two things: firstly, he had a beverage in his hand, and secondly, it most certainly was not the first he’d had. I expected this to be a refreshing beer or similar to calm his nerves through the trauma of buying the right tofu, but, it turned out it was one of those Suntory ‘whisky in a can’ things. Then it occurred to me that I was really limiting myself on these jaunts to the supermarket – not only should I try it tanked up, but I should still be drinking on the way round. OK. So now I know what else I can try.

I should say in closing that I am a bit of a whisky snob in that I prefer single Scotch malts and prefer to use Suntory whisky products as a cleaning aid rather than a drink. A tip to Suntory marketing: if it was any good, you wouldn’t sell it in 2 litre plastic bottles, with a free miniature attached.