Full Metal Alchemist

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I have to say that I’m becoming quite addicted to the Full Metal Alchemist anime, (Hagane No Renkinjutsushi). I’ve borrowed some of the dubbed DVDs, and it’s kind of got me wanting to see the Japanese originals, and maybe pick up some of the manga (and thus my dictionary!). I find it to be a really decent storyline.

Basically, it’s an alternative world based on our own in the late 19th Century, possibly European styling, and follows two young brothers who are talented alchemists and their search initially for a way to return their late mother, but ultimately for a new body for one of the brothers, and eventually, for the truth behind the conspiracy of evil around them involving the military government, who Ed ends up working for.

It plays a lot on the idea that alchemy is almost a science, providing an equivalent exchange is made, thus Ed (the Full Metal Alchemist) can transmute metal, rock and other objects into different shapes. There’s a lot of back story, and a great supporting cast of characters which is actually quite impressive, and also, the writer’s aren’t afraid to kill characters off.

As well as the original manga (still ongoing, and the anime (51 episodes), there’s also a movie I need to keep my eye out for.