Posted from Windows Live Writer

After playing with Windows Live in Vista for a long while, and after four months of decent Windows 7 pre-releases, I’ve nuked my laptop and stuck Windows 7 RC in there as the main OS, and put the latest Windows Live Writer in, and now I’m just testing out how it works.

The setup was very simple – I just told it the URL and my login credentials and it figured the rest out – no corrections required. As I’ve known for a while, the Windows Live Writer GUI is very nice, and almost un-Microsoft-like in some ways, but I suppose with Windows 7 (and to be fair, Vista) MS is turning down a different road. Let’s see if it posts OK, or whether it just gunks up my database the way Word used to destroy HTML.

I’m also playing around with Office live and a few other things. It nice to see MS come back with nice products, even if they don’t get the Google mind share in certain quarters, purely because I’m a big fan of competition in the market.

Anyway, more news most likely on brightblack if I get chance.