Big Box Update

Reading time: < 1 minute

Just a minor, certainly insignificant update to the last post here. After a bit of research, and after checking the wallet more than once, I went for a pair of Enermax Cluster fans, and a Sapphire HD 4350, passively cooled, which also has HDMI on board.

For what it’s worth, the fans also have PWM, which is the fan speed control standard, so that’s likely helping some, but overall the machine seems much quieter. The new graphics card seems nice – it’s definitely a good media playing card, but it’s also half height, so with that large 6800GS out of there, there seems to be a lot more space in the case, and since the HD 4350 doesn’t require the extra power plug, it seems I can clear a lot of cabling out of the way.

The white LEDs spinning were a lot of fun for a while, but since it generated light equivalent to the average street light, I hit the helpfully located off switch on those, and with live with a darker, quieter box.