New Screen First Impressions

After almost seven years in my desk here at home, I’ve finally retired my old Iiyama AS4314UTG 17″ LCD. It’s still functional except some pixels stick and so it’s retired to the loft, to wait till the child wants her own Tuxpaint machine.

The new one is also from Iiyama – a nice 24″ 2407 widescreen model. As it supports VGA, DVI and HDMI, I can dump my switcher also!

So far all is well – very bright, crisp picture, and of course, at least for a while it’s going to feel huge, and a real bargain for 18,900yen, probably half what the last one cost.

Screen Burn or Just Tired?

I’ve been saying my venerable seven and a half year old Iiyama 17″ 4:3 LCD was on it’s last legs for about a year now, but it plods on. I like it. It’s dependable. Certainly the backlighting has been a bit uneven of late, but it’s fine for what I use it for. That said, I noticed a few weeks ago a bit of screen burn in the top left corner; a burn in of the Apple logo and Finder menu item, since I largely use my Mac on this screen.  Hmm.

‘Well, it’s not interfering with play, so let’s push on.’

screenburnToday though, after almost a full day using my Xubuntu box on the same screen, that ‘burn in’ is now pretty much the menu bar from the XFCE desktop.

So is this really ‘burn’ or is it more of tired, old pixels just taking a break. Well, if I do swap this out, I’ll keep it to one side just in case, and any new monitor will likely be from Iiyama, which is odd for me as I tend not to let one purchase affect the decision very much on another. That said, it seems most of my friends have been through a few monitors in the time I’ve had this one, so I think Iiyama deserve a second shot.