Hello. So, this is my blog.

It’s been going for a while, since February 2003 in fact, across various platforms, and before that, I had another website called brightblack.net, which I nurtured from 1996 to 2008, taking in hand coding and various CMS fun before putting it out to pasture. There’s just a placeholder there at the moment.

This blog doesn’t have any given niche, a vertical, any kind of marketable thread. Currently, here in 2016, it’s mostly about motorbikes, where I live (Japan), some writing and other bits and pieces I do. As time passes, I mark more of the older posts as private to help keep the web less cluttered.



NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner
NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner


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  1. Dude! Are you still here? I can’t believe it. I am Paul from Atlanta. Formerly from Okinawa. I had you looking for my old flame in Isehara, a Mieko Kawakami. You are still going strong, and still in Japan. I moved to China to teacher. Mieko was a teacher in an Isehara primary school I think. How would I go about finding her? Thanks!

    Nice to see you are still going. Most blogs don’t last half as long.

    1. Hi Paul, yes I remember us looking for Mieko – I wonder where she is now! I’m still in Japan, but moved out of Tokyo a few years back and closer to the beaches of Shonan in Kanagawa prefecture. How is China treating you? Where about in China are you?

  2. blackbright was the last contact I made. Wow, I just can’t get over you still being there. How long ago was that? Almost ten years?

    Anyhow I am in Guangzhou. I have made the comment that even 30 years ago Japan was more advanced, in many ways, than here. And it still holds true. It’s nice to know you have stayed there and stable, I guess? IT never fully recovered after Y2K, the dotcom bubble burst and 911 and who can forget outsourcing??? So in 2008 I became an English teacher in China. I have now begun to get back into programming. The biggest thing against me at this point I believe is my age, 55. Otherwise I’m happy healthy and also entertained the idea of getting a job in Japan. What are my chances at my age? Good luck and nice to hear from you! Maybe the least I could do is visit some time.

  3. Hi Graham,
    I met you at the Chigasaki Farm BBQ. Could you shoot a message off to my address? I want to ask you about the best way to build a website again.

  4. I’m looking for advice on how to unclip the fuel hose on my CB400 Superfour. I have removed the bolt, electrical connector and 2 x vent/drain hoses but can’t disconnect the fuel hose itself, the one with the blue coloured clip/coupling mechanism. Any information you can assist with would be kindly appreciated. Please reply via email. Thankyou.

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