Snowboard owari :(

Well, that was the final weekend of snowboarding for the season – snowboard owari! Two days at Joetsu kokusai in Niigata. The weather was beautiful, such that not only could I snowboard in a T-shirt, but I could get a nice pink sunburn effect too (despite my massive application of sun-cream).

I’m seriously thinking of going to New Zealand later this year to get MORE snowboarding – maybe Mt. Hutt this time. Good NZ snow site here. A couple of years ago I went to a small club ski field called Temple Basin near Christchurch, staying in a wooden cabin hanging off the side of a mountain, and have to say that I had a great time.

I must stop playing C&C Generals too actually…check here…. Maybe it’s not tasteful playing a war game in the middle of the middle-east situation, but I can’t see it making it any worse either.