Earthquake (no kidding!)

Well, for those who haven’t heard (or felt!), Japan had a petty sizable earthquake (and no kidding) at about 6.30pm last night. Believe me – it was a shaker.

I work on the 22nd floor, and the whole building was wobbling for nearly 5 minutes. We could look at another building currently under construction, and see the bare electric bulbs swinging violently – and construction workers holding on to the super structure. I didn’t see any damage in Tokyo, so that has to be a good thing. I must admit that during the tremor I made a cup of tea – since the swaying of the building was making a few people feel quite ill. Since I’ve been here I’ve witnessed quite a few quakes, but that one was certainly the longest, and felt like the most likely to get nasty. Let’s hope it’s just the plates letting off a bit of steam gently. BBC did a story here.