I survived Disney Sea!

A late post, but just to say that I went to Tokyo Disney Sea this weekend.

Let’s just say that I don’t like Disney. Actually, that doesn’t go far enough. I HATE Disney, blah blah blah.

But there I am, the day after a typhoon, in sweltering heat and sporting a very tasteless wide brim hat, there I am wandering around the latest Disney Park. I have to say that it’s less Disney than it’s neighbour, Tokyo Disneyland. The rides aren’t bad and it’s a bit more ‘real’ than it’s saccharine cousin.

There’s also no characters walking around, which is good because I’d just want to push them in the harbour. Walking around is nice (if you avoid sunburn), but what about the rides. Well, they’re better than TokDis, but not really white knucklers.

Still, top 2 were Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and the Indiana Jones ride. After that, maybe Storm Rider. The restaurants are OK, and generally service was good. The finale fireworks show is so much better than the old (now retired) Fantillusion, which used to bore me stupid. An interesting aside is that Tokyo Disney Sea is built around themes rather than films, and with the exception of Ariel the Mermaid, and that ‘Under the Sea’ track, there was a dearth of recent Disney characters, but then, can you name a Disney character from the last 8 years or so? If you can, chances they’re from a Pixar made film…Toy Story, Bug’s Life, and the new Finding Nemo.

None of them are here – odd given the last one’s marine setting. Licensing issues? Who knows. However, despite Disney’s decline, the parks are still a good day out, but at 5,500 yen to get in, make the most of it.

OK, I had fun 🙂
Still hate Disney though.