Feed the iPod!

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Well, it’s been 6 months since I got my 15GB iPod, and so far I have just over 2100 songs on it. I’m loving this thing – it’s great. Gone are the bad old MiniDisc days of have to load in a new disc to listen to that one track you wanted to hear- it’s all there in the iPod. Like a song on a playlist? Within seconds you’re listening to a random selection of all the songs you own from that artist. Having *all* the Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks on a continuous random play is cool.

Damn thing needs feeding though, so I got some more CDs sent over, and bought a few to try to quench the appetite.

A good thing about the iPod though it that it gives another chance to those ‘B’ tracks, or tracks I just forgot about over time. I spent the train journey home today listening to Henry Rollins’ “Weight” album – it’s a heavy opus, and not recommended for a crowded train, but it just brought it home to me that I hadn’t listened to that for nearly 5 years. Actually, it’s pretty impressive how many other people have iPods here in Tokyo.

On the techie side, I re-encoded a few CDs at AAC 160kbps instead of my old standard of MP3 (at 160 – VBR). It takes up less space and sounds a lot better IMHO. Give it a try – it depends on the music a bit, but I thought it was a bit more detailed.

If you haven’t got an iPod, I really recommend them – it’ll keep your addresses and calendars there too, and works on Mac or windows (iTunes on Windows is pretty good too).

Checkout the iPod Lounge and see what some people are doing with theirs.

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