One thing I forgot to put up here earlier was that I went to see ‘Innocence’ last Saturday. Innocence is the sequel of sorts to ‘Ghost in the Shell’, a futuristic Chinese/Japanese society, where people have implants, some become cyborgs and some are merely robots, their only human aspect being their ‘ghost’, their life essence. This sequel drops a lot of the action in favour of some beautiful anime and – unfortunately – the most ‘explain-the-meaning-of-life-what-it-is-to-be-human-and-every-existential-question-life-the-universe-and-everything’ obsessed film since Matrix:Revolutions, but I should say, it’s far more watchable than that. Worth seeing, but no-where near Akira, or even the first installment.

On the subject of anime, I saw the trailer for the new Appleseed film, and it looks great, so hopefully, I might get to see that after it comes out.