Appleseed – the Movie

Just got back from seeing Appleseed – a CG animated sci-fi film based on the popular manga. Although it’s CG – and very well done CG, the makers have tried to keep it very cell based looking, and the fusion works well.

The story tells of a future where humans have all but destroyed the world, but where some are trying to rebuild from a new state. Human’s now live with Bionoids – human looking clone mixtures who help humans, but who are infertile, and with limited life spans. Into this there are several main characters who race to discover whether humans can live without destroying everything.

There’s a deep political plot with quite a few twists, but more importantly there are huge robots, battle suits and lots of gun battles. It’s a great film – decent plot, and none of the tiring speak-a-thons of ‘Innocence’ or ‘Matrix : Revolutions’.

Also, it features a pretty decent, loud score and soundtrack, available on CD.