Bicycle light

Last week I left the front light on my bicycle, and overnight it went ‘missing’ (OK, it was stolen), so as I spend a fait bit of time cycling at night, I decided to get a new one – I stuck with the same manufacturer though, and bought a new 5-LED Cat Eye model. I have to say, it’s like having a searchlight on the front of the bike. Excellent.

Tomorrow I’m also taking my bicycle in for a long overdue service – mainly for the brakes which need recabling. I usually look after my bike myself, making adjustments as required, degreasing/oiling and all that, but after nearly 4 years, I thought I’d get it serviced at the local bike otaku place, called ‘Guava Jelly’. No idea where they got the name, but it’s a pretty good shop. I’m also looking into getting a little computer which calulates speed, distance etc.. More news as I get it!