Gentoo Typhoon

After Saturday’s fun, Sunday in the apartment with the constant humid rain outside didn’t seem like nearly as much fun.

At times like these you look to those projects you’ve been putting off for a while (OK, you could tidy the trunk room too, but who wants to do *that*?). I decided it was time to rebuild my little Linux box, and add a few things I’d been meaning to, and take off some other bits.

The bottom line is that that box is now based off Gentoo kernel 2.6.8 (2004.2 distro), with an display system, gnome and even audio now (I forgot to get that sorted out before), which is an improvement all around in my humble opinion. It can go back to work as my backup server, test web server and general utility machine. Hardware spec is here.

The link to the typhoon by the way, is not just the weather, but that the box is called ‘typhoon’ as it used to have a really loud fan system in it.