Son Of Freakout

Son of Freakout flyer psychadelic

Last Saturday saw a bit of a new experience when my friend Ryo and myself “VJ’d” the ‘Son of Freakout’ night being held in Super Deluxe near Roppongi. It was a funky night of jam music from Sonica, live art by Ponzi, some performance art and general chilling out.

The visuals were mainly psychedelic video mixing and visualisations pumped out the back of the PC I dragged across Tokyo. I’d never done this kind of thing before, and it was all thrown together in a couple of days, but generally it all went well – with the exception of someone spilling beer all over the video mixer, which meant we only had the computer for a while as it dried out! I even managed to gt all the photos into the mix that I was hoping to.

I have to say that it was a lot of fun, and hopefully we’ll be doing it again in December at ‘Super Freakout”. Next time though I’ll be sure to remember to take more equipment, as we were missing a couple of cables we hoped would be there, but weren’t (so next time we can get those snowboard DVDs in the background!).

And Now....The Son of Freakout flyer