Alien Night

A late post [again], but just to say we survived the all night Alien movie fest at Roppongi Hills Cinema. It started at 10pm last Friday, and comprised of all 4 Alien films, with a 20 minute break between each film.

We emerged bleary eyed at 7am on Saturday and with Aliens on the mind. I’d never seen the first two in a cinema, so that was good to do, and amazingly, except for the odd nod, I stayed awake for the whole thing. I have to say that I still consider No.1 to be the best one, but I was surprised how much I thought No.2 had aged. No.3 I think would’ve been a decent film except for the poor ending, and Joss Whedon of Buffy fame should be slapped for penning part 4. Just a so-so Sci Fi flick at best. Anyway, it was a good night out – and remember, if you find some drool and a discarded skin on the floor of the apartment and you’re not a 6ft actress or a producer, it might be best to run like hell…or blast it out of the airlock, if your apartment has one.