WLAN run

Something I forgot to post last week.

I was in the back of a taxi at about 3am going from Tokyo Station to my place in Setagaya-ku – a trip of about 15km – and I had my laptop with me, so I thought I’d just run Net Stumbler, and see what wireless networks were around. I haven’t gone through the results in any great amount of statistical analysis, but the basic results were: 81 networks – about 40% were 54Mb ones, a similar percentage have no security (not even WEP!), and the most popular brand seemed to be Buffalo (Melco?). Also, it seems that most SSIDs are set to a MAC address, and either people don’t change them, or they try to give them ‘anonymous’ names. OK, I know this post should carry a geek warning, but I’ll try to get some accurate stats up, and post them on brightblack, just out of curiosity.