Odd Quotes of the Week

Well, it’s been another week and there’s been a lot in the news as always, but a couple of quotes struck me over the last few days, especially a couple I saw whilst browsing through BBC’s News pages.

The first up is an award to the Japanese government official Hiroyuki Hosoda, for a great ‘stating of the obvious’ regarding the incursion of a Chinese submarine into Japanese waters:

“We are chasing after the submarine, which is underwater,” Mr Hosoda told a news conference on Thursday, adding the vessel was heading north.

So that’s clearer then.

On a much more tragic note, rapper Russell Jones (aka ‘Ol’ Dirty Bastard’) sadly died in the studio whilst recording his comeback album, prompting a rather sad eulogy from his mother:

“To the public he was known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but to me he was known as Rusty. The kindest most generous soul on earth.”