The move is afoot!

After those couple of annoying months looking for an apartment, and then the month of talking to NTT, water, gas, electricity, and changing addresses and all that, tomorrow we will be moving to our new, bigger apartment.

I’m currently sat amongst a pile of boxes which rather disconcertingly contain everything I own which definitely proves that I am in no way materialistic. In fact, I’m wondering what I did with my cash…um…actually, forget that, I *know* where all my money went – snowboarding and having a good life.

Anyhow, we’ll be out of here at 3pm tomorrow, back briefly the day after for the landlord inspection, and then we’re officially resident somewhere else. I’m using the same moving company I used before – Mammy – because they’re always half what other companies charge and still do a decent job.

I have fond memories of this apartment, and it’s another milestone, but we’re both looking forward to this new place, and having a bit more space, being a bit more central in Tokyo, and whilst we’ll be a bit further away from some friends, we’ll be closer to others. We’ll also have space to invite people round too.

In a couple of hours, I’ll take this desk to pieces, and be left with my 6 year old Powerbook G3 laptop sat on the floor …