Tsunami Reporting

I’ve not posted about the Tsunami here really, I feel many other sites are doing a great job, and I don’t think I can add anything to what was a huge disaster across Asia. The sheer scale of it makes our little human politics look kind of absurd. I read about it initially on my mobile whilst browsing Yahoo News in Shiga Kogen, and I thought it was some kind of typo at 20,000 dead or missing, and then even that figure started to rise exponentially, and it looks like it’ll keep going higher for a while yet.

The venerable Boing Boing have awarded CNN ‘The Most Tasteless Reporting Award’ for the tragedy thus far for “Tsunami’s Shatter Celebrity Holidays“. They’re right. I couldn’t care less about celebrities who made it out, but lost an expensive car.

I did get some good information through the local Amnesty international group here in Tokyo – they’re recommending looking at the MSSRF and their Tokyo affiliate if you want to donate money that will really help people, both now, and to rebuild. The MSSRF specialise in sustainable agricultural and rural development in India.

Also, many Net companies have links to main aid organisations, including at the time of writing Apple and Amazon.com as well as virtual groups like bloggers without borders.

Thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones, and to those who just don’t know, and are still looking.