Errant Posts

Actually, just as I was reading this blog, I realised all the things I don’t put on it. Of course, that’s mainly because they’re mundane and dull morsels of info that no-one is interested in.

For example, just before Xmas, we got our new dining table from Harumi Design in ‘Toriton Square’, and it’s great. It feels great to have a dining table back after 5 years of food off a low table in front of the TV. I think in part this is because when I was growing up, our kitchen dinner table was a community focus point for long conversations before, during and after the meal, so it feels good to have that back, and I’m very happy with the solid oak one we chose. It easily makes my ‘Best of 2004’ purchase list, which will be another post, maybe later this week.

Example 2; I went back to work today to have an Amazon package waiting for me! This is great, I now have the last series of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, but more importantly, Series 1 and 3 of ‘Black Books’ a hilarious comedy from the UK’s Channel 4. (If you’re wondering, I got series 2 as a gift, which is what got us into it).

Oh yes, and it snowed very heavily in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve, and I got caught out on my scooter going through 4 inches of snow – not fun on a 50cc! Still, the Zoomer’s chunky tyres were great – I definitely had sympathy for the Udon delivery chap on his old scooter with bald tyres.

OK, pointless post has finished. Please move along. Nothing to read here … for a while.