Lost and Returned

This week had one of those events which make me happy to be in Japan.

I had walked to the UK Embassy to sort out a passport issue a couple of days ago, and my bus pass and case must’ve fallen out my pocket, but to be honest, I didn’t notice. However, when I returned to my office, we got a call from the Marunouchi Police Station’s lost and found department – a Mr. Sato – saying that he had my case and pass. That was actually when I first realised I’d lost it. Although there is a significant yen value attached to the pass, my concern was mainly for the case as it was a personal gift.

As many know, in the UK, I’d have given up on it there and then, but in Tokyo I didn’t need to worry, I just went down to the station, and indeed there was my case and contents all in pristine condition. Sato-san explained that it was handed to one of the many koban around the Imperial Palace, and then to him. He’d found me by checking the stamp of the ticket office where I bought it on the back, and had called them giving them the serial number, also on the back. He had then got them to check through their applications, which I’d filled in when I bought it, and got my business number from there. Proof of policemen doing a bit of detective work. Thanks to Sato-san, respect is yours.