Niseko Update

There’s been a lack of updates here, so sorry for that. it’s been a busy week all told, but let’s just recap those four days in Niseko last weekend: fantastic.

The weather was pretty good the whole time, except for when fog settled in on the Monday morning, yet it was still probably the best Niseko trip so far. Really, the powder was deep and plentiful, if a little heavy, and the great thing about Niseko is that there’s something for everyone, of all styles. I spent hours on unprepped courses at Hirafu, before going over the top to Annupuri and doing some speed runs, and a few tree runs down that side of the mountain. Excellent. It snowed for pretty much the whole time we were there, and despite Niseko’s famous rapid change weather, it was fantastic to spend whole days on the slopes.

Off the slope, we stayed at the Yamada Onsen hotel again, and went to the Mongolian Yurt in the evenings for some great food. It’s moved location, but now offers a free minibus to pick you up from your hotel and drop you back again. We also spent a bit of time in GengisKhan yakiniku, which is just amazing.

We also met quite a few Australians, and it seems that an Oz company has bought a lot of real-estate in the area, bought into the chair lift company, and Australia Airlines now run Cairns to Sapporo direct flights. Apparently Niseko is being heavily pushed down there as the ‘Summer’ ski resort of choice.

Anyhow, pictures and a movie are here.