New keitai

Anyone who has looked at the Flickr pictures I just mentioned, may have noticed that the ‘camera’ used to take the more recent ones is different from that used to take the first few. (Sanyo vs. Toshiba). This is because I have another keitai (mobile phone). Unfortunately the 4 month old Toshiba didn’t survive the stag night, so I went out, braved pathetic service in a few shops before finally finding a decent phone in a decent shop. I’m still with Au though as a carrier as they have good service and decent coverage.

The new one is a Sanyo W31SA, which is one of the uber-new WIN phones, meaning it has a camera, GPS, BREW, FM radio and all the normal things, but also a 2.4Mb download ability. Yup, that’s more than my UK friends can dream of getting on their ADSL landline, and I get that to my mobile. The English page is here.

Two interesting functions are a real two way English/Japanese dictionary (the other keitai I had faked this by letting you input your own words and definitions, which is pointless), and for Japanese users, and OCR English dictionary – you point the camera at a sign or word in English, and it tries to recognise it and do an instant lookup, and I have to say that it works pretty well.