PSP v2.0 Firmware

With Fuji Rock Festival coming up soon I thought I better get my camera, phone and PSP charged for the trip and the event.

After a tip off that the PSP was getting a firmware update, I decided to download it and see how it was. The update adds a fair few features across several applications. The crown jewel of course is the official release of the new web browser, and with the exception of no flash support yet, it works really well – the acid test being that it successfully rendered the Slashdot site (ironically, that bastion of freedom is one of the biggest foulers of W3C standards). It even rendered this site well, and even managed to send some mail from gmail (though in truth it’s slow for anything more than URL input).

I’m not sure it’s a killer app, but I can definitely see it being useful in a coffee shop during a bored moment, and of course it’s a free update.

There’s also updates to the different types of audio and video it can take, but thus ar I haven’t really played with it, and right now, it’ll have to wait until after 3 awesome days of music festival!