Elves and X-Files

Friday night saw myself and a couple of friends at the Toho/Virgin cinema at Roppongi Hills for the all-night “Lord of the Rings – Extended Editions” run. Thirteen and a half hours from start to end. I have to say it was worth every minute of it, even though I have those editions on DVD.

I hadn’t seen The Fellowship of the Ring at the cinema though, as I somehow managed to miss it, so that was an added bonus. I did discover a couple of new things though: firstly that Orlando Bloom is as bad as I suspected he was, and secondly that throughout the night, the only time I nodded off was during Liv Tyler’s scenes, which could be some kind of clever subliminal filter.

That theory ties in with most of my Saturday and Sunday, as I’ve managed to damage my big toe rather badly, meaning I can’t walk very far, so I’ve decided to watch the whole of ‘The X-Files‘ season two, which I think is beginning to effect my mind. That said, one of the best lines in the many years of the show, is in the episode ‘Soft Light‘ when Dr. Banton announces “They’ve been waiting to do the brain suck on me for years!” (that’s paraphrased). Indeed they have, sir, indeed they have.