Game Boy Micro

Nintendo GameBoy Micro

Today I got a look at, and play with Nintendo’s latest GameBoy – the Micro (it’s due on sale next week).

game boy micro
Game Boy Micro

Basically, It’s a Game Boy Advance in a tiny, ‘smaller than most mobile phones’ format. (Comparative spec here). In fact, the screen is indeed smaller than the one on my mobile phone, and in the few minutes we played with one, I could feel myself squinting.

At 12,000yen, it’s not cheap either. True, it’s half the price of a PSP, but more costly in most places than the (albeit) larger GameBoy Advance SP.

Sometimes, Nintendo just leave me confused. I think it’ll be a hit with school kids and maybe some commuters, but those commuters are keitai (mobile phone) otaku anyway, so maybe that market has gone. The question is, will the next ‘new’ GameBoy be an Advance 2 or a DS 2?