Root Kit Fallout

It’s always nice to read a piece where you whole-heartedly agree with the author. For me, one piece was by Bruce Schneier in Wired. His article gets to what I think is the heart of this whole ‘Sony rootkit’ fiasco: if a big company sticks software on your PC, the ‘security’/antivirus companies don’t consider it a virus/malware/spyware, even though it is under any definition of those terms.

What I got out of this whole thing is that Sony are exactly the corporate filth you always knew they were, but also that these so-called security companies are just there to stop the rabble infecting your computer so it’s nice and clean for corporate sponsors to get their code in.

Cheers guys.

All respect in the world to Mark Russinovich for his work, as stated in his blog, when he first broke the news just over two weeks ago. I hope Mark benefits from this through recognition of not just his other blog entries (some of them are excellent) but also of his freeware at Sysinternals, which we’ve been using for years and are excellent, and for his paid stuff at Winternals including books and software.