Penny Arcade on Colour Blindness

Ishihara Colour Blindness Test

I was just reading the newest on Penny Arcade, “Leaf-Eyed Sons of Bitches” and I laughed out loud.

It a joke about colour-blind gamers (and Gabe’s detachment from reality too I suppose). As I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times, I’m fairly ‘badly’ colour blind. I’ve been in that situation in games a few times where it says “kill the green demon, save the red one!”. After a few restarts, it gets a bit annoying. What? Blue and red were too conservative?

Believe me, red vs. green team laser tag games were fun when I was a student … it’s amazing how many of my team mates demanded scientific evidence of my ‘situation’ as an explanation of me expertly tagging them by mistake.

Anyway, I hope everyone thought it was a funny cartoon, because I certainly did, and the news post with it was equally funny. Maybe it’ll highlight to game designers that there are a lot of colour-blind folk out here (10% of men allegedly).

An Ishihara Colour Blindness Test