CB400 Super Four

the bike - Honda CB400 SF 2006

After a couple of years on my old faithful 50cc Zoomer, last Friday I took delivery of a new Honda CB400 Super Four bike, and very nice it is too. It had always been a bit of a goal to have a ‘real’ bike, and this one really doesn’t disappoint at all. Then again, I wont be able to afford a new one any time soon, so I’m hoping it’s as reliable as people say.

In the few days I’ve had it I’ve only notched up 60Km, but it feels like a nice smooth ride, but with enough grunt to be able to get around Tokyo very nicely. I suppose more importantly I feel a bit safer on it in traffic than I did the Zoomer, but that’s certainly no slight against that bike, that’s just the nature of city riding. Then again, being a rather heavy person the 400cc engine seems a bit more sprightly.

Anyway, here’s a quick picture:

The bike, a Honda CB400 SF in black with gold wheels.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am interested in buying a CB400 SF or a CB500. I’m not able to find anything here in the area. I live in the Caribean and am not able to find anything. not even in the US. I hope you guys can help me out. Do you guys know a website where i can buy a bike online and ship it over. I know a lot o people buying cars from Japan here on the island they might have some space in the container to ship it. Thanx in advance for your help.


  2. I think the easiest place is Japan 😉 . However, I think there are some biker site on the web which sell parts. If a Google search fails to turn some up, you can try Honda directly, or post the part numbers. I can’t promise too much assistance myself right now as I’m a bit pushed for time of late, but if I can help out, I’ll try.

  3. Hi there
    About 3 years ago I bought a CB400 super four 1992 model in Malta which is a Japanese Export machine. Recently I wanted to change some parts which I could not find easily in Malta or in Europe. Could you tell me from where in the world I can get spares either original or imitation for my bike. I trust you would help me in this and thank you in advance.


  4. I’d definitely recommend the bike if it’s in decent condition. I do my short commute (about 10km round trip) as well as a lot of short runs around Tokyo and find it a nice balance between a bit of speed and power, but maneuverable in traffic. I;ve also done a couple of tours (about 250Km in a day, cruising small roads, and expressways at up to 120Km/h, and had no issues. In Japan parts for these are very cheap, so whilst you may pay shipment, there’;s probably lots of places you can get them because the bikes are so popular.

  5. I’m thinking of buying a Honda 400 Super Four. It is a “grey” import and seems to be in very good condition – almost new.
    Would you recommend the bike for commuting and the occasional blast into the country? What about spare parts (I live in South Africa)?

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