Sony to punish reward customers?

360 Red Ring of Death

It’s become de rigueur recently for the upper management of Sony to make some fairly outlandish, or even completely false statements in interviews, with the goal of boosting the hype level for the Playstation 3, in the face of less than raging demand, and tougher-than-expected competition. The only problem seems to be that with each month they show more contempt for their customers. Maybe within Sony there’s some kind of arrogance crown to be won, possibly currently held by the spin guru who came up with 2005’s root kit fiasco. Yeah, that guy actually invaded people’s PCs and didn’t tell them. Woot! pwn3d! (or similar, complete with high fives in the Sony company canteen).

360 Red Ring of Death
360 Red Ring of Death

So how is a Playstation division person supposed to show potential customers what Sony really think of our patronage?

I’ve got an idea, and the best thing is, they can field test it at the swanky Sony Building in Ginza. To show how much they value us, their customers, Sony should beat people upon entering their showcase building commensurate with how many Sony products they own.

For my friends and I then, ‘L’ will likely just get a clip round the ear and told to do better as he’s actively shed all Sony gear in the last year. I’m probably looking at a sound kicking in the corner for owning a PS2 and a PSP, and my cries of “that was a present!’ will be ignored by the cheering Sony minions as they forcibly satisfy my alleged customer cravings.

Save your pity for ‘SMC’; as a bit of a Sony fanboy (though currently in remission), he’s looking at a beating which starts with a friendly knee in the happy sack and goes downhill from there. When they find out just how many games he owns he really will need serious medical attention, but damn will he know how much Sony care for their loyal customers.

Finally, for what’s worth, you can buy a PS3 in pretty much any shop in Tokyo, but getting a Wii requires mad ninja skillz or the ability to wait in line. Let’s see how our masochistic consumerism does over the next year though.