Brightblack’s Source turns 25!

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The ZX Spectrum was launched twenty five years ago, and though the butt of many jokes, the machine was a tiny computer but for its time it was cheap, and I’m sure a few future IT people first experienced computers, and games for the first time on it’s little, odd rubber keys.

Anyway, I still have one in the loft at the parental home, and the emulator on this MacBook, so I still keep the fire burning. I have also mentioned that the name of my regular website is actually derived from the ZX Spectrum: it had 8 colours accessible through BASIC, and to double that to a whopping 16, you use the BRIGHT command, and I always thought that the idea of ‘bright black’ was kind of a funky concept, so when I was looking for a name and a URL years later (one drunken night), that was the one I chose.