Fuji Bike Tour of 2007

Clouds drifting over Mt. Fuji from a station on its side

Thanks to Frank, Chie and Dave for coming for today’s Fuji bike tour – I think we can all agree it was a great success!

We met up just after 7am at the Royal Host near Chofu, had a bite to eat, and was on the road by 7.30am. Once on the Chuo, we stopped at Dangozaka, then headed to Kawaguchiko, did the Subaru Line run to Gotemba gogome on Fuji-san itself, where we had another drink, before heading down to lake Kawaguchi, and stopping at Cafe Sun for lunch. We then took route 137, but only until its main tunnel, turning off onto on an old back road, meeting back up with the 137, and continuing on to the Ichinomiya IC, and heading home that way, stopping for a bite of dinner at the return Dangozaka services.

Mapion Links:
Cafe Sun

Backroad turnoff from 137

For the stats freaks, we covered about 300km on the trip, with my own trip meter clocking in 320.7km door to door.

Again, thanks to everyone who could make it, and look forward to seeing you on the road again soon!

For those who are interested, we try to organize [cough!] our trips on this forum:

Clouds iover Mt. FUji seen from the 5th stage car park.
Bikes and the awesome view off the side of Mt. Fuji
Taking a break from riding down by the lake in a forest.
Another beautiful view down from near Fuji to a town split by a river.