Oogata license passed!

What a great way to finish 2007 – today I managed to pass my Oogata ‘big motorbike’ test on my first try. Given some of the weirdness during my lessons at Koyama Driving School I was getting a bit nervous, but on the day all went well, as I only dropped a few points for being a bit quick on the balance beam and not cancelling a signal ‘quickly enough’. Anyway, a pass!

Now I can ride pretty much anything with two wheels in Japan. The licensing here meant that before, I could only ride up to 400cc, whereas now I can ride anything above that too which means I can rent a few bikes to try out, and maybe do a few weekend courses which require the higher license. Feels good.

I’m still intending to put a ‘Biking in Japan’ page up on Brightblack, but in the meantime, Gen Kanai has a nice post to his blog explaining a similar test to mine (i.e. some bits were different.)