Prepping the board

I know when the snow season – at least for me – is about to get underway, because it’s nigh on midnight, and I’m on the balcony, cleaning, tuning and generally prepping the board. It’s a battered old Nitro Atlas 64, and I think the only reason it’s survived the 8 seasons I’ve put it through is because I do try to take care of it. And that means standing on the balcony with a hot cup of tea and a waxing iron because you’re leaving in a few hours and decided to stay for a couple more in the bar instead of making it back to the apartment in good time to prepare properly!

Anyway, here’s to another great season, and next weekend, when Jim’s Legendary 4-day Niseko Trip (TM) gets under way. That’ll be four days of dawn to dusk riding, nighters, and I dare say, a few hungover first runs. Ah, it’s worth living in Japan for four months of snow in the mountains.