All Meshed Up

After an impressive two years of not getting round to it, I finally bought myself a mesh riding jacket for being out on the motorbike – all meshed up.

I’ve been happy to run around in my plain leather jacket for quite a few years, but Japan to be fair, does get a bit hot in the summer down on the plains and even on the coast, regularly hitting 35-40 degrees C plus pretty nasty humidity on most days. I’ve gotten back from rides just plain hot, sweaty, and I dare say, a fair bit dehydrated.

Therefore it makes sense to get a mesh jacket to make the rides – or more specifically the stops – just that little bit cooler. I went looking around for one which was not only a good fit, but had some decent hard padding or armour which many Summer jackets don’t. After trawling the web for information, I finally decided to hit the local NAPS shop, which is deliciously close to the new house.

In the end, after trying on quite a few jackets, I went for the RS Taichi Exceed mesh which not only fitted well and had good hard protection, it also has the same system for the front chest protector, which I already have from my Honda leather, meaning I can continue using that.