Bike trip-ette to Izu Skyline

Misty up Hakone again

Since I had a half day open for the bike, I decided to go to down familiar roads and went on a bike trip-ette to the Izu Skyline via Route 134 along the Pacific Coast, up to Damtraxx Cafe at the top of the Toyo Tires Turnpike, for a brief cup of coffee, and then down to the Izu Skyline.

Since it was a cold, damp and very misty morning, there were very few cars or bikes on the road up there, as you can see from the pictures, and those who were seemed to be more intent on sticking in the service areas. I don’t blame them – I had my rain gear on and not because the road was wet – it certainly wasn’t – but just the water in the air made my gloves wet. It began to burn off towards noon, but either way, it still made for a decent 205Km of run, on almost empty roads.

Estimated trip length: 205Km.

Misty House at the end of the Izu Skyline
Misty Toyo Tyres Skylounge
That's my bike in the mist. Just don't forget where it is.