Pokemon and One Piece

One Piece - The Pizza

Just a bit of a random post here, based on a couple of snaps for Pokemon and One Piece. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say photos.

One Piece - The Pizza
One Piece – The Pizza

We ordered some pizza the other day from Dominos.jp and it arrived not only in a One Piece box, but also with a free mug! It doesn’t get much better than that for the average One Piece fan.

Headbutt the trees in Pokemon.
Headbutt the trees!

As I get older and I have kids, I decided to pick up a cheap English language copy of Pokemon Soulsilver for my DS and within the first thirty minutes, what seemed to be an exercise in game grind took and unexpected upswing:

“There’s a large, formidable tree that looks like it can be headbutted!”

You know, you’re right; I should approach more immovable objects with that kind of attitude.