Quake Tweets

I know I haven’t posted much in the last month; the quakes for several weeks were the centre of everything, and pretty much any time I had online was on Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook, so here are some quake tweets.

Between the two, Twitter was certainly focused on those of us in the country, whilst Facebook seemed to be for discussion with friends outside of Japan for some reason. Anyway, I do have some minor notes on especially the first week after the quake which I’m editing into a readable format for the blog, mainly for my own reference. They’ll go up in a day or two.

In this post though, I’d just like to pick a few per day for each of those first key days; tweets which remind me of the event, inside of the hundreds of tweets I send confirming, questioning and just pinging people.

March 11th

Proud to be with the calm and patient people of Tokyo tonight. Everyone is helping and talking. No panic. I hope others are well.

Earlier, looking out my office window whilst we hid under desks and shook and seeing that fireball from the refinery – unforgettable.

March 12th

March 11 & 12 2011 may be the days which re-define Japan. Given this almost constant seismic attack, people are bearing up well.

It’s a never ending seismic siege here in Japan. I’m trying to get to family; aftershocks just never end.

Home! My wife looks even more beautiful than yesterday. My kids are great!

@gen It’s bad, we know it’s bad, he just can’t decide how bad to tell us it is.

March 13th

ohayou gozaimasu. So, we’re at 288 earthquakes in a week, a faulty nuke plant and things not getting much better. Sho ga nai? 🙂

Wife was laughing as I was having my required morning tea, saying everything was OK, whilst checking the kids clothes in the emergency bag.

Damn forgot – right wingers said foreigners would loot in an earthquake. Sry guys, I was too busy.

@norishikata Proud to be here with you, everyone has been great. Don’t doubt yourselves!

March 14th

@norishikata when this is over, i’ll buy you a beer.

Amongst all this, my 4month old son decided now was the time to roll over for the first time 🙂

Wife says my upgrade of my goatee to real beard is an improvement.

Oops. forgot it was White Day today…

#edano_nero Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano Yukio – take a break.

10.46pm [3000th tweet]
People of Japan – you’re doing what many could not, standing when others maybe couldn’t. You can do this. Proud to be here with you all.

March 15th

@sandrajapandra Is there a Hitchhikers reference coming? Know where your towel is people…or it’s BELGIUM man, BELGIUM!!

@rowhoop Rowan Hooper
Ishihara – gov of Tokyo, known for offensive remarks – apologises for saying the earthquake was ”divine punishment” http://bit.ly/i6FXHY

Off all the things which have happened in the last 5 days, the ups, the downs, that clown Ishihara is the only one which has made me angry.

I think I set a new record for baby out of cot, down stairs and under table.

Only 1Km down? “@quakemonitor: #earthquake M 6.1, eastern Honshu, Japan Depth: 1.00 km Mar 15 13:31:46 2011 UTC http://t.co/V8U6W1G”

March 16th 1.01am
@bl0ke it’s world service so audio only and no, wont be shaving. It’s my survivor beard. Might not happen.