Woken by a Quake

This morning, for the first time in a while, I was woken by a quake, with the house shaking. The kind of shaking where you know this one is close – and it was – probably 45 Km away from us, but this time towards Mt. Fuji in the West.

There were actually three sizeable (M5+) quakes within about 10 minutes.  USGS has their summary and I note Japan is still heading up the league of 5+ earthquakes at the moment. Let’s hope this isn’t a warm up for a bigger event just days after I poo poo’d the claim that an M7+ quake for Kanto was 70% likely within 4 years – that more being a reflection of my lack of faith in ‘earthquake prediction’ than my belief a 7+ will come – it’s Japan, quakes will always come.