New Header Image: Roof Tile

The Roof Tile - butt near Shimoda

Apologies if this is a bit of a [stereo]typical image, it’s just one I snapped on a recent trip in the countryside, at a very comfy, if a little run down looking temple – a roof tile end.

The Roof Tile - full
The Roof Tile

I actually only noticed the place due to the long pile of timber running up to the entrance, as I was cycling past in the rain, and semi dismissed it as just yet another temple, but actually, the place seemed to have a certain texture to it, as if it had a more practical purpose, if not now, in the recent past, even if it was a bit overgrown.

A Pile of Timber
A Pile of Timber

I’ll likely post a few more pictures of the site in a later gallery post.