3 Cities in 3 Minutes

On my last busy business trip I decided to take my GoPro HD Hero 2 with me and just record the world as it flew past via trains, planes and automobiles. The trip was Tokyo > Singapore > Hong Kong > Tokyo – 3 Cities in 3 Minutes – and was actually done in 5 days real time. (And yes, I got really lucky with the hotels).

This is also a re-visit of an old thing I used to do, which was ’60 seconds in [insert name of city]’ usually filmed from taxis and trains on the way to airports, but I thought I’d flesh it out a bit for this one.

Some of the edits are a bit rough – my first try at any travel videography like this and I obviously didn’t plan any of it. I was also wondering if a voice-over or such would help and decided to leave as is for now.

Music by Maco.