Movember Begins Tomorrow!

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As I mentioned in the last post, I’m not doing the very splendid and worth while NaNoWriMo this November. Instead, I’m doing Movember, which is a charitable endeavour for gentlemen to grow a moustache and get some donations toward men’s health issues.

Movember 2012
Movember 2012

I’ll try to put some updates here, or on my Movember page, but I wont need to tell those who know me how silly I’ll look with a moustache, which is why, when I go for the facial hair, I tend towards the full set.

Of course, growing a moustache doesn’t require a lot of conscious effort, so I’ll be putting some time and energy into getting some support, or at least preparing some witty retorts for why I look like Baldrick with a slug on my top lip (sorry – very old joke). I haven’t actually decided which style I’m going for, so all ideas are welcome. On the style guide (warning: that’s a .pdf) I’m thinking the ‘Regent’, but I would love to be able to do the ‘Connoisseur’.

Anyway, please pop into the Movember website, and if you can click through to my page and make a donation to what is a very worthwhile cause.