New Header Image: Water

Waterfalls at Satoyama Park

It’s been a while since I posted, and it’s been a while since I updated the head, and since I’ve moved the blog theme to the Twenty Thirteen one, I thought I’d make the banner fit a little better. This time the header image is focussed on water.

There’s been a lot going on of late, hence the lack of posts, and much of it has been in the outdoors, and as the temperatures climb higher and the humidity makes Japan a nation-wide sauna once more, it’s good to get into the water and trees of the countryside and cool off.

I took this shot quickly as it’s a park of some steps which make waterfalls for the kids to play in, and it gets decent traffic on these hot weekends in Kanagawa.

A man made waterfall in a family park in Kanagawa
OK, it’s man made
Feet in water to cool off in the summer heat
Keen sandals and feet in water!
A man made waterfall in a family park in Kanagawa. Good for a water photo.