https / SSL on

I’ve recently installed an SSL certificate on the site from Comodo through my hosts at Pair, so that all pages should now be served as https. Why use this? On a very basic level it means that all traffic between your browser and my server should be encrypted so no one should* be able to see what it is you’re reading. Of course, there’s not much on this site which would be an issue to view either from my side or yours, but it’s there for peace of mind if nothing else. One aspect it could help with of course is if you have a log in, or want to leave a comment (please do) as that would also be encrypted.

I think HTTPS web-wide is probably a net positive, though I know there are some counter arguements in some situations. Those aside, I’ll keep the ‘s’ on the end there and see how it goes.

Let me know if you have any technical issues!

[Follow up: I later replaced this cert with Let’s Encrypt.]