Touge Express


Since I talk a lot about touge and twisties on here and in some of the articles I’ve had on other sites, I thought I should give a mention to a friend of mine who is the Touge master, and runs the blog ‘Touge Express‘.

Craig has done a lot of riding all over the world, and has sniffed out some of the best routes I’ve ever been on  so check out his site which has a lot of tips and route reports, so there’s plenty to go at.

He’s also the man behind the Twistybutt challenges we do twice a year, and also has a pile of information on his site around doing Ironbutts, especially here in Japan where getting a ~1600Km course lined up isn’t as simple as it might be in places with more continuous flat places.

As he’s been here in Japan quite a while, there’s also quite a few ride reports which also serve as good jumping off places for those looking for a day out, or a couple of days out. Or a week out. Anyway, you get the picture. If you want a more well known riders opinion, TougeExpress is in TeapotOne’s Japan episode too!

(He also does excellent water proofing videos.)